VillageMD: The Next-Generation of Primary Care

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Tim Barry, Co-Founder & CEO, VillageMDTim Barry, Co-Founder & CEO
As the healthcare industry continues to transition towards value-based care, primary care and its focus on prevention is uniquely positioned to make the largest impact on quality and cost. However heavy patient loads, administrative and regulatory burdens, lack of resources, and inadequate technology are challenges primary care providers (PCPs) face in their quest to succeed in the value-based model.

Tired of a healthcare system with rising costs and mediocre outcomes, the VillageMD team developed a primary care-led healthcare delivery model that brings superior results. “Our primary care partners are reinventing what it means to deliver effective primary care, and doing it with greater resources, data, and technology that quantifiably demonstrate better clinical outcomes while reducing the total cost of care,” affirms Tim Barry, CEO of VillageMD.

As a primary care provider, VillageMD is on a mission to empower and support PCPs with the necessary tools to improve patient outcomes and cost efficiencies while enhancing patient and provider satisfaction. VillageMD is spearheading the next generation of primary care through the use of multiple homegrown systems that seamlessly deliver insights to PCPs and their support staff, so that patient problems are proactively resolved without complicated hospitalizations and surgeries. This data and technology-driven model frees-up doctors to focus on their patients’ needs first, allowing them to practice medicine the way they have always wanted.

To unleash the power of its technology platform, VillageMD built a core capability in the rapid acceptance and integration of healthcare data from disparate healthcare systems, including practice-based EMRs, hospital systems, and payer claim files.

Mike Roberts, CTO
It then embedded hundreds of proven clinical algorithms across the data platform to better predict patient outcomes and more effectively target interventions. The targeted interventions integrate into practice workflows, allowing providers to make changes at the point of care.

“Primary care is one of the most noble professions on the planet, and we are thrilled to invest the entirety of our organizational and financial capital behind innovations in the field. Our work in predictive analytics, seamless workflow integration and real-time reporting just scratches the surface of ways we will use technology to enhance primary care,” says Barry.

Mike Roberts, CTO at VillageMD recalls an instance where their model provided a vital intervention. “Our data and algorithms identified a patient as high-risk, and our technology alerted us when he was discharged from the hospital,” says Roberts. When the care team was unable to reach him for follow-up, they sent police to his home and found him in critical condition. “Because of the technology and resources that we have in these practices, we were able to identify the patient and help him get care that saved his life.”

PCPs supported by VillageMD have demonstrated 20-45 percent lower readmission rates compared to market averages, and avoidable emergency department visits are 30 percent below average, thereby significantly reducing the total cost of care. Anchoring their belief in holistic health management, VillageMD helps physicians to effectively manage the total health of their patients by delivering support to patients and their caregivers through on-the-ground support resources and integrated care teams of health coaches, diabetes educators, pharmacists, and resource coordinators.

With exciting ventures on its plate, VillageMD is continually looking to expand their model to several new states in the U.S. According to Barry, their simple goal is to be the largest and highest performing primary care-led network across the nation.